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                           Will I survive from this? Will I recover ? Will I smile again ?             So many questions, we asks ourselves after a sad event. It may be the loss of someone, a breakup, a disease, unemployment, well after a bad case we often tend to reconsider everything in our lives. If you are at this stage, know you are not alone. Many people like you have gone through this or actually are going through this.             I love the Word of God because it talks about many situations we can relate to. As it says, nothing new is before the sun, everything that is have already been, and what will be is already. So is this situation you are going through...Do you remember the story of Naomi in Judges?                The Word says that after loosing her husband and her sons, she became bitter. Her bitterness led her to change her name to Mara. She said "God made her life bitter. God was the reason why all those terrible events happened to her", do y
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Appearance: I do not love myself!

Have you ever looked yourself in the mirror and appreciate the person you see? Have you ever thought you were not beautiful enough, nor pretty enough? Do you love yourself? Do you love your body? The way you move? If not, then continue to read may the Spirit open your eyes to let you see the beautiful person you are in Jesus Name! Hello precious! Today, I am going to share with you about self-love. How sad it is to see many women comparing themselves to other women! It breaks my heart every time I hear a lady saying 'I just want to be like her', or 'If only I was her'. Have you ever thought this way?  I think we all have...but the good news is you can decide to choose this way of thinking. You are unique. No one on earth can smile like you, can talk like you, can act like you, you are a very peculiar person, and God has no more stock of you in heaven, this should make you think twice.  When I was a teenager, I used to compare myself to my little sister

Dealing with break up

"How do you do to recover from a breakup with someone you loved so much and never imagine your life without? How do you do you to keep yourself all together despite the many feelings that overcome you? How do you do to keep trusting God during this hard time?....." Hello Precious, I hope you are doing great by God's Grace. Today, I would like to talk to you about breakup. Yes, it is very sensitive I know but I do receive this type of questions from young ladies and to tell you the truth, I do not have a magic remedy that will make you feel better or make the pain you feel at the moment suddenly go away........ But the good news is God still loves you and is with you although you may think otherwise.... The Word says in Revelation 21.5 "Behold, I make all things new" . First of all, I want you to know that this breakup is not the end of you. Do not think for a second that you will never be happy again nor you do not deserve the best in your lif


Some time later God tested  Abraham. He said to him, “Abraham!” “Here I am,”  he replied. 2  Then God said, “Take your son , your only son, whom you love—Isaac—and go to the region of Moriah.  Sacrifice him there as a burnt offering  on a mountain I will show you. ” Genesis 22.1-2  Dear daugther, do you have an Isaac in your life? Someone that you love tenderly and cherrish, something for what you have prayed for so much and God has given you...I don't know if you know the feeling of joy that overwhelm a new mother who just gave birth to her new born baby especially if this baby was so much wanted and desired.....It is an indescriptible joy, isn't it?  Then, imagine this woman being told to give away her only child, her only joy, her only "everything" it is complicated! I remember years ago, I was in a relationship and was so much in love with this brother, God told me "You are not ready to marry yet. I need you to put an end to this relationship

Ladies, what are your weaknesses ?

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and pay the penalty. Proverbs 22:3 I do believe that women are more sensitive than men. I believe that God made us this way and we should be conscious of it. One of the things I started not to under-evaluate once I became a Christian was my weaknesses. I told myself ' Know where your weakness lies and pray about it'. Many tend to think that because they have the Holy Spirit with them, then they are super-strong! They cannot fall anymore! They are powerful! It is a deception to think this way and thinking this way will actually lead you to your downfall! The Holy Spirit makes us more conscious of our vulnerablity but He also reminds us that if we abide in Christ, He shall give us the power to overcome any temptation. Women of God, do you know what are your weaknesses ? Do you recognize them or deliberately ignore them ? I knew that as a new born again Christian, one of my main weakness was sex. I used to b

The right attitude for Valentine's Day...

Good day beautiful ladies! It has been years but I am around, I have been lately busy with organising my new season!!!!! I am more than excited of what God is doing now and I shall at the right time tell you more about this. Today is Valentine's Day and many single ladies like me  have been asked the question of ' where is your valentine?' What are you going to do on Valentine' s Day? People have made it such an event that if we are not rooted in the Word and God's love we can feel depressed or worried especially if we are in age to marry. First of all, ladies do not take this at heart. A friend of mine who got married recently wrote this on her wall ' I am not a Valentine' s Day fan but for all those who are waiting for their husbands, keep waiting upon the Lord and trust in His timing!! It shall be well'. Maybe for this year, you thought you would have a fiance to spend this day with, maybe you hoped for this year to spend it with your h

When it is time to leave....

'Now, it is time to go. I have prepared new things for you said the Lord. But Lord, I am feeling good here. I love them so much she cried. Do you trust Me? He finally asked her. She knew it was the end of their little chat.' This was me few months ago. God told me it was time for me to go into a new land and part of the world I do not know. I would lie if I tell you He never told me that before. In fact, He spoke to me throughout the year 2015 through visions but I closed my ears. The fear of new things paralyzed me and I soon began to be rebellious to Him. As you can guess, my rebellion to God did not give me peace, I became very depressed and barren spiritually. I had to repent sincerely to recover my spiritual wellness. I was leading the Youth Department in the church and I cannot tell you how much I struggle in the ministry once I became rebellious to God. 2015 was a year where I have learnt through tears and depression that it is better to obey than to sacrifice.